• Kachel

    Inspired by trips to hidden vintage markets and travels to distant corners of the world, KACHEL is renowned for its array of billowing blouses, swishy skirts and flared dresses doused in paisley motifs, feminine blooms and colour-pop tie-dye.

    Prints feature founder Jana Kachel's own watercolors - resulting in a label that epitomizes both art and individuality. Kachel is an Australian brand that was founded in 2007.

  • Celia B

    CeliaB is a Spanish brand founded in 2012. They design fun, passionate, and timeless clothing that make women shine! With passion for textiles and craftsmanship and a strong commitment to make garments that will last forever in your wardrobe.

  • Gerry Weber

    GERRY WEBER is a vivacious lifestyle brand - exciting, modern, excellent quality and irresistibly feminine!

    This brand stands for the latest fashion and a distinctive attitude towards life: GERRY WEBER explores new avenues but never sacrifices the brand's signature style, always modern and sophisticated.

    GERRY WEBER interprets the latest trends with an assured sense of style, knows how to cleverly play with details and how to bring out your personality. Stocked in sizes 8-18.

  • Brax

    Perfect fit, exclusive materials and a unique design- welcome to the world of  German Pants label BRAX!  Producing easy-wearing trousers and jeans Brax offers clients pitch-perfect styles by translating the latest trends into wearable fashion.

    As a specialist in trousers, the BRAX brand represents a reliable fit and sizing expertise – uncompromising in both quality and workmanship. Stocked in sizes 8-20.

  • Trelise Cooper

    A woman’s first Trelise Cooper experience is the start of a lifetime love affair.

    Each season, revealing the latest Trelise Cooper collection is like the unveiling of a romantic and eclectic art exhibition.  Every piece in the range has been lovingly crafted using diverse fabrics and finishes to create the final beautiful result, which ultimately delights both the wearer and the observer.

    Establishing her business in 1985, Trelise Cooper, the unconventional force behind New Zealand’s most successful fashion empire, has built her brand through trusting her own instincts as well as a natural sense of beauty and design by which the world has become intrigued.

    Here at Joli Boutique we will be stocking three of the Trelise Cooper collections:

    • Trelise cooper
    • Cooper
    • Curate by Trelise cooper.
  • Verge

    Stylish, unique & relevant, New Zealand fashion brand VERGE delivers effortless dressing to the modern woman.  VERGE interprets the flavour of trends into timeless quality pieces that will still be your favourites in years to come.

    Designed in New Zealand, sourcing fabrications & trims from the best the world has to offer,

    VERGE allows the modern woman to express her own individual style.

    The VERGE AUTHENTIC ACROBAT PANT collection features exclusive European fabric – the ultimate in comfort and performance. These super lightweight pants form the staple elements of many a travel wardrobe – they fold down to nothing and provide an easy wash and wear carefree solution to the seasoned traveller.

    From relaxed lifestyle, through to something more special, VERGE design for unique, modern solutions to everyday wardrobing dilemmas. Comfort, quality and fit are a key focus with a distinctive edge and attention to detail – bringing the extraordinary to the everyday.

  • Olsen

    Olsen focuses on uncomplicated, easy-to-wear fashion from casual to smart and from elegant to exciting. High-quality, Modern and dependable Olsen's fashion is made for real women.

    Our customers can depend on us to use high-quality mostly cotton materials as well as ensuring a consistent fit in our flattering modern designs. Stocked in sizes 8-18.

  • Loobies Story

    Loobie’s Story from New Zealand began to unfold with original prints created by our graphic designers and then coloured into beautiful, coordinating hues. Once the prints and palettes were in place, the brand designed modern bohemian pieces with a free-spirited modern woman in mind, as well as the everyday pieces that underpin any hardworking capsule wardrobe, in the same shades as found in the prints. The idea was to make it easy for women to combine and layer our garments with complementary colour palettes that merge across seasons so they can confidently pull their own look together. Stocked in sizes 8-16.

  • Binny

    Inspired by the unique, vibrant beauty of Australia, Binny’s collection of striking prints and eye-catching detailing tells a memorable tale. Each piece is etched by the diverse culture and landscape of our country while invoking the joy of dressing up through playful motifs and statement silhouettes. 

    Move away from the whimsy of fleeting trends and embrace individuality with these beautifully crafted designs. Suitable for every occasion, you can wear Binny your way.

  • Love, bonfire

    This Australian-made brand is committed to inciting joy through vibrant and enchanting colours, storytelling prints, natural fabrics, and twinkling details. Love, Bonfire’s transeasonal collections radiate warmth, creativity and a uniquely down to earth energy while offering sustainable benefits.

    With a slow fashion heart, the brand is always striving to reduce its environmental impact and find ways to future-proof our world. That means their pieces are ones you can keep for years to come.